Exciting Science Shows

Do grown-ups always seem to be telling you to stop asking so many questions? Do you love to know how things work, from mobile phones to jet planes?

Fancy having a go at some weird and wacky experiments to reveal some of science’s most amazing sights?

If you said ‘yes’ to all these questions then brace yourself for one of the most exciting shows you will have ever seen!

science museumThe National Science Museum will be heading this way later in the year to show how science affects all our lives in strange and interesting ways.

One of the best things about science is how it encourages you to investigate the world and discover the results for yourself.

And if you are really nosy about how things work, then you could be ideally suited to becoming a scientist or an engineer! Engineers are the people who develop machines and buildings which aim to make the world a better place.

They design bridges, cars, dams and tunnels – and they are also behind the CD players which let you to listen to your favourite pop groups, the roller coasters which give you those terrifying thrills at theme parks and the pumps which make those great waves at water-parks!

If you want to know more about being an engineer, think you could be the person to design the world’s scariest ride, the smallest MP3 player or the future’s fastest car, make sure you grab a seat at the National Science Museum show coming in September.

Want to ask an engineer a question? Then go to our Twitter page and post your question.


It takes GutsWatch out for our science and engineering shows  taking place all over West Cumbria In September and October for KS2 primary students at Lakes College and at Millom and in secondry schools for Years 7, 8 and 9 students.

And if you are a Post 16 student, then look out for our hands on workshops.


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