Year 13 Bursary Awards

Heading for university to study engineering? You could win a £3,000 bursary from The REACT Foundation plus an extra £1,000 for those studying Mechanical Engineering courtesy of IMechE West Cumbria Branch.

If you are planning to head for university, why not apply for the REACT Foundation Bursary Award - The Foundation could pay you up to £3,000 in cash, - all you have to do is write a short personal statement (you have probably written this already for your UCAS form).

IMechEIn addition IMechE West Cumbria branch has offered a bursary of £1,000 to a student heading for university to study mechanical engineering. There is no extra work involved. If you plan on studying Mechanical Engineering at university just put 'Yes' into the Mechanical bursary award options box on the Application form.

Please note that The REACT Foundation may approach your school for a reference to support your application.

Here in West Cumbria we have some very good young engineers. We hope to encourage them to study, gain their degree and return to the area to develop their careers. As a result of a recent survey of young West Cumbrian engineers, the Board of Trustees has found one of the biggest concerns about going off to university is the high costs of fees.

We need to help and encourage these vibrant, ambitious and bright engineers to bring home their potential and create opportunities to really make a difference to themselves and society

Pete Woolaghan, Chairman of The REACT Foundation


Award Application

The REACT Foundation Bursary Award is a £3,000 cash prize which will be presented to a West Cumbrian A-level student studying an engineering related subject at university.

Applicants must be planning to study engineering, maths or a science at university and receipt of the prize will depend upon the student being successful at gaining a place on a course once A-Level results are released. The application is an online form which includes a short personal statement. The Foundation trustees will review the applications and select a winner.

The student’s school will also receive the School’s Trophy in recognition of it producing the winning candidate.

The IMechE also sponsor a £1,000 prize which any student planning on studying mechanical engineering can apply for. They simply need to put “Yes” in the Mechanical Bursary Awards option box.

The REACT Foundation Board of Trustees / IMechE West Cumbria anticipates making at least one award each on an annual basis but reserve the right not to issue any, should the applications not meet the required standard.

If you are interested in the Year 13 Bursary Award, then please complete the Award Application Form.

You may want to have the following details to hand before you start to complete the form.

  • Your place of birth (Town, County or Country)
  • Details of School, Grades, Awards, Youth Organisations, Hobbies etc.
  • Proposed Degree including UCAS Code and course name
  • Student Personal Statement


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